The goal of market intelligence projects is to achieve competitive advantages through systematic market, competition, technology and customer analyses.

Market-oriented corporate management, risk management, corporate strategies and investment decisions require as a basis data about market and business environment. AMCG collects this qualitative and quantitative data in an iterative process using desk research as well as market interviews with the different stakeholders in the value chain.

The market interviews are conducted by experienced consultants with industry know-how. Moreover, we have interviewers and access to a field organization in case large scale surveys are the methodology of choice.

We see our value added in the collection, analysis and evaluation of this sensitive data as well as in the development of recommendations.

Market evaluation, trends

We evaluate international markets and value chains for products, analyze the framework conditions as well as the opportunities and threats of the market. For the markets and market segments we develop market models for the calculation of market volumes and their development on the basis of customer, end-user and consumption data. We identify and evaluate trends and their consequences for the product portfolio of our clients. The projects support companies in the field of market penetration as well as on capturing new markets and market segments.

"We are drowning in information and starved for knowledge." (John Naisbitt)

R&D projects, market launch of new products

We support companies in the process of developing and launching new products by providing analyses of markets, product requirements, potential lead users and competing products. There is still a lot of products/developments that are failed on the market. For the market launch of products we supply the necessary data and recommendations regarding products, prices, placement and promotion.

Clients, unmet needs

Customer needs and key buying factors are identified with the help of market interviews and provide the basis for successful marketing. For the improvement and the support of sales activities new customers are identified and analyzed with regard to questions of demand volumes, price levels and purchasing organization/strategies. The unmet needs of customers related to products and services are determined. These results are the input for product optimization/innovation and hence competitive advantages can be gained.

Technologies, innovation

For our clients we detect innovations and disruptive technologies in the field of product, process and manufacturing technologies. New developments are evaluated and their availability for our clients is analyzed. Through open Innovation companies can reduce the development time and costs.

Competitive intelligence

We supply data and provide evaluations regarding the competitive environment of companies. This comprises data about sales, employees, locations, organization, profitability, product and service portfolio, strategy, customers, cost structure as well as strengths and weaknesses. Evaluations of the competitive environment include products, market shares of companies and products/technologies as well as the success factors of the companies.