Projects for customers from different industries, for industry associations and Ministries.

Examples for customers and projects

Engineering Industrie

  • Diversification strategy „Hydrogen“ for a leading engineering company
  • M&A project Electrolyser: Screening of targets, commercial and technical due diligence
  • Commercial and technical due diligence for developers/suppliers of  eFuel, synfuel, Direct Air Capture
  • Technology and industry analysis  hydrogen (blue, green, grey, turquoise)
  • Green hydrogen: Markets, applications, customers and suppliers
  • Electrolysis: Technology analysis (PEM, Alkaline, SOEC), cost analysis (CapEx, OpEx), suppliers

Steel industry

  • Feasibility study for a green steel plant for hot metal using green hydrogen: Legal restrictions; raw materials – availability, costs; screening and evaluation of locations for the mill; technical and economical feasibility

Automotive industry

  • Global benchmark of technologies (fuel cell, drive train, hydrogen storage, etc) for fuel cell vehicles, performance of the vehicles

Chemical, material industry

  • Diversification strategy „Fuel cell“ for a leading chemical company: Applications of chemical products in fuel cells, market volumes, value chain, customers
  • JV for new materials for hydrogen storage

Ministries, industry association

  • Fuel cell technology: Chances and risks for the machinery and plant engineering industry