Additive Manufacturing – Companies in Europe and North America

Database of major 300 companies in the AM value chain (Industry 4.0)

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Database Additive Manufacturing Companies

  • This unique database gives you a comprehensive overview and listing of 300 companies active in the value chain of AM Additive Manufacturing (also called 3D printing) in Europe and North America.
  • It gives information on customers, suppliers and competitors in the AM business in the international markets.
  • Additive Manufacturing is offering industries like chemical, plastic processing, metals and engineering new and fast growing business opportunities.
  • AM is a cross-sector technology for digitalization of processes in major industries like aerospace, automotive and engineering (Industry 4.0).
  • Conventional manufacturing processes for metals and plastics like forging, investment casting and injection molding will be substituted in the future by Additive Manufacturing.

Benefit of the database for your company

  • The database provides valuable information for decision makers of companies active in the AM business as well as new entrants. The database answers questions like:
    • Who are customers for our products (materials, systems, software) and our services (technical consulting, AM manufacturing)?
    • How are important market players positioned in the value chain? Do they have up- and down-stream strategies?
    • Who are our major competitors in the AM business?
    • Which one companies are suitable suppliers of materials, systems, consulting for our (planned) AM business?
    • Which type of AM systems (selective laser melting, binder jetting etc.) are used for AM products (e.g. prototypes) in the different markets (e.g. automotive, aerospace)?
    • What kind of materials (e.g. metal powder, filament) are applied for AM products in selected market segments?

Industry sectors covered by the database: AM value chain

  • Materials
    • Companies supplying materials for AM, i.e. metal powders, thermoplastics (powder, filament), photosensitive inks and resins.
  • Software
    • Companies supplying software for products and processes (e.g. design, topology optimization, process simulation).
  • Systems
    • Companies supplying any type of AM system. These are more than 15 different types of AM technologies/systems depending on materials used, accuracy and properties of products.
  • Technical consulting
    • Companies supplying services on transformation of products into AM products, design and topology of products, selection of AM technologies.
  • Manufacturing AM products: Service company
    • Companies offering manufacturing services for AM products based on different AM systems.
  • Manufacturing AM products: Industrial company (captive)
    • Companies using AM for manufacturing their products or manufacturing components, modules of products.


The database was prepared on

  • experience from various consulting projects in the Additive Manufacturing markets
  • expert interviews with players in the Additive Manufacturing value chain
  • extensive desk-research.

Content of the database

For each company the following information is given:

  • Company
  • Headquarter (country)
  • Website
  • Products/services of the company for AM
    Which type of products and/or services are provided by the company for the AM market?
    • Materials
    • Software
    • Systems
    • Technical consulting
    • Manufacturing AM products: Service company
    • Manufacturing AM products: Industrial company (captive)
  • Type of AM products
    Which type of AM products are manufactured by the company?
    • Functional prototypes, visual models
    • Serial products, tools
  • Markets served with AM
    Which markets are served with AM products?
    • Aerospace
    • Automotive
    • Medical
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Consumer goods
    • Various
  • Type of AM materials supplied (by AM material suppliers) or used (by companies manufacturing AM products)
    Which type of materials for AM are supplied respectively applied by the company?
    • Metals
    • Plastics in general
    • Thermoplastic powder
    • Thermoplastic filament
    • Photosensitive ink
    • Photosensitive resin
  • Type of AM systems supplied (by AM system suppliers) or used (by companies manufacturing AM products)
    Which type of AM systems are supplied respectively applied by the company?
    • Sheet lamination
    • Directed energy deposition
    • SLM/SLS - Selective laser melting, sintering
    • Electron beam melting
    • Binder jetting
    • MJF - Multi jet fusion
    • Ballistic particle manufacturing
    • FDM - Fused deposition modeling
    • Material jetting (Polyjet)
    • SLA - Stereolithography
    • Mask method (DLP/CLIP)

Functionalities of the database for data analysis

  • The database is supplied in an Excel spreadsheet with extensive search and filtering capabilities.
  • Search is possible for any field of information, e.g.
    • Companies with demand on thermoplastic powders in the aerospace industry.
    • Service companies supplying serial AM products for the market segment automotive.
  • Data analysis can be tailored according to specific need and data of your company.
  • Data can be integrated in the system used by your company.

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